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    What is behind the rise of CBD Oils?

    We’ve all seen the meteoric rise of the cannabis industry. So if you have been sleeping here is a quick lowdown on some of the experiences of using CBD. So what you see is a whole series of companies coming to marketplace due to a freeing up of the legal problems around the sale of cannabis, either medical or non medical. Places such as Colorado in the United States are now legal to grow and consume cannabis products. What does this mean for you? Well, one thing you can consider is whether or not you should be jumping on the bandwagon and deciding whether or not cannabis can be useful…

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    CBD and taste, how CBD can help you explore your culinary experiences better

    One unexpected attribute of CBD, for me appears to be the effect on my taste buds. One thing I’ve noticed is that my taste buds seem to be more sensitive. What do I mean by this? I mean, I’m taking more time to enjoy the flavors in the food and drink that I’m consuming back glass of wine is a bit more tasty. I’m gulping it less. I’m savouring it more. Something is happening to the way in which I’m enjoying my food. I’m seeming to slow down a bit with my food intake. I’m seeming to enjoy the flavors rather than guzzling everything. So a bottle of my favourite…

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    Where you can find CBD to buy

    You can find CBD online and you can find it from some high street and retailers in the high street, you may find it quite hard to get hold of. And certainly in the UK, the only shops that I have seen selling CBD products or pure CBD products are Holland and Barrett and Lloyds pharmacy. In fact, if you find other retailers please do not hesitate to contact us and we will add them to the list of potential providers. I will say that likely the people who are going to most probably try CBD are typically have a younger generation. And those people who are more outwardly focused…

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    Anxiety and CBD

    Dealing with anxiety and treating with CBD. So many people have considered that CBD can assist in the treatment of anxiety and somewhat associated depression. And this is without recourse, do any prescription medication just simply by taking CBD on a daily basis. CBD is becoming quite commonly available now and is hitting the radar as far as a way to treat conditions such as anxiety and depression and even OCD. We’re starting to see a lot of research now based on these areas. And suddenly exciting as the research continues and we have started to see I would say plethora of an evidence body pointing to the fact that…

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    Introduction to my OCD world I’ve been suffering with something called contamination OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder relating to contamination for over 20 years. It came into being in full force in around 1997 and its been with me ever since. I have a fear of being contaminated with dangerous chemicals. The obsessive form takes over and I suffer from intrusive thoughts which I find myself hard to rid. Compulsions take the form of re-assurance and sometimes the obsessions are ruminations can make functioning a normal daily life very hard. After hearing about CBD for treatment of OCD without recourse to using prescription drugs I decided to see if CBD…

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    Review of Neurogan Hemp Oil 30mL

    I decided to try this variant which appeared to offer a high degree of CBD. Advertised as Hemp Oil 30ml. It labels itself as full spectrum. In reality though after comparing with other products with as little as 5% CBD I am convinced that there is very little or any CBD in the product. Obviously I cannot do a chemical analysis but based on experiences of other CBD products. The Taste of Neurogan There is a strange un advertised minty taste that lingers afterwards. I find this unpleasant and irritating. I also suspect that it masks the lack or concentration of active ingredients. Other CBD products don’t hide behind an…

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    What is CBD?

    CBD These three letters seem to ever everywhere these days. But what is CBD or these three letters that we see hitting the headlines. CBD Cannaboidiol Compound. CBD is found naturally in Cannabis Family of plant. You don’t have the get the high from Cannabis and CBD the non psycho-active component is available without THC (which gets you high) CBD, Another name for Cannaboidiol Compounds You’re also correct in thinking this is related to the cannabis plant family. Whilst using CBD is not strictly Cannabis, CBD is derived from the same plant family. In fact CBD is just one of 113 substances that are derived from this plant. The most…

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