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Anxiety and CBD

Dealing with anxiety and treating with CBD.

Treating Anxiety Depression with CBD.
When Dark Clouds of Anxiety and (Depression) emerge can CBD be used to help reduce anxiety levels.

So many people have considered that CBD can assist in the treatment of anxiety and somewhat associated depression. And this is without recourse, do any prescription medication just simply by taking CBD on a daily basis.

CBD is becoming quite commonly available now and is hitting the radar as far as a way to treat conditions such as anxiety and depression and even OCD. We’re starting to see a lot of research now based on these areas. And suddenly exciting as the research continues and we have started to see I would say plethora of an evidence body pointing to the fact that OCD and anxiety and even depression can be helped and alleviated some what by using this CBD.

Now I’m not going to say it’s for everyone but I will say that there can be some definitive advantages to trying CBD. One of the great advantages of CBD is that it seems to suffer from none of the side effects and consequences of a lot of anxiety medications. Some of these typically cause dry mouth and can cause other problems that can really make people feel quite unwell and lots of other physical symptoms and ailments. CBD, at least as an alternative to some of the prescription medications we find that it could offer a great deal of relief for people is readily available.

So in other words, people might be able to self treat before they need to get to the doctor and this may really help them so I would encourage anyone with an anxiety disorder provided it’s not too severe that they might want to consider using CBD. Just try it. I mean obviously this cannot be a substitute for medical advice. However trying CBD for around a week or two might be enough to show you that you can reduce some of the anxiety levels to something more manageable.

There are certain conditions where CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is often the appropriate course of action. And with CBT, what you really need to be able to do is to move off those extreme cases of feeling very anxious.

Because if you haven’t, if you’re in the middle of an extreme anxiety attack, and you are treating with something like cognitive behaviour therapy, what you need is to for the patient to be able to do some mental exercises and if they are in such a anxious or depressed states, then this kind of thinking is just not possible. Sometimes CBT or cognitive behavior therapy and medication go hand in hand and I suspect in the future a lot more practitioners will be pushing CBD in conjunction with CBT or cognitive behavior therapy as a duo of potential treatments.

Using Evidence Based Medicine to ensure that people get treated with the correct and effective medicine.