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Where you can find CBD to buy

You can find CBD online and you can find it from some high street and retailers in the high street, you may find it quite hard to get hold of. And certainly in the UK, the only shops that I have seen selling CBD products or pure CBD products are Holland and Barrett and Lloyds pharmacy.

CBD Oil available without prescription from Holland and Barrett in the UK.

In fact, if you find other retailers please do not hesitate to contact us and we will add them to the list of potential providers.

I will say that likely the people who are going to most probably try CBD are typically have a younger generation. And those people who are more outwardly focused in that research and might well consider that they’re more internet savvy, so they will be more comfortable with ordering online. But I really can understand that many people want to purchase some product in the shop and can see really what it is obviously you may not be able to taste it and to try it and to see how it works. But at least you can see what’s on the bottle and you can see what you’re getting in terms of size because you do have to be quite careful with the way that some of these items are sold, there really isn’t a huge quantity that you’re buying.

Often you’re paying around about 20 pounds for approximately 10 millilitres of fluid and with 5% concentration. So you’re getting about a 5% of active CBD those for about 20 pounds (20 GBP) but can be as much as 30 or 40 pounds (30/40 GBP) depending on what you buy and what kind of concentration levels.

You probably want to do your homework to get a good deal and you might want to experiment as well some some oils or more or less hemp oils containing the full spectrum but they don’t necessarily contain a high concentration of CBD. That doesn’t mean they’re not good for you just means that maybe you’re not getting the CBD that you want. So from my perspective, I think it’s better to concentrate on those oils that have explicitly stated the concentration.

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